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Anonymous said: Do you agree there is no rape culture in America?


I do. 
For one, rape is illegal. A rape culture would be one where rape and sexual assault are legal, and  not only that but encouraged. Obviously, they’re not- sexual assault and rape are abhorred in todays society. 

Secondly, I would argue that if there is ‘rape culture’ anywhere, it would be in countries such as India, where marital rape has been decriminalised and where gang rapes are common, severe, and often unpunished (look it up, I can’t be bothered putting sources on).

Rape is terrible, and it regrettably happens to a number of men and women every year all over the world as well as in America. But screaming ‘rape culture’ is not okay- if instances of rape are what makes up rape culture, then we should additionally include ducks and most primates under that umbrella term, species which have often been observed to forcibly have sex with members of their own species. 

Murder happens, but we do not live in a ‘homicide culture.’ Porn makes up most of the internet yet we do not live in a ‘porn culture.’ The same applies with rape- simply because it is there, does not mean we all rejoice and relish in it. 

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